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Dust Collection Systems
A clean, safe environment is critical to protecting people and resources. Torit® Products designs, manufactures and markets in-plant air filtration and pollution control systems and replacement products that help eliminate dangerous dust, fume and mist contaminants.

Torit collection systems are used in a wide range of applications including: welding, pharmaceuticals, woodworking, chemical, metal fabrication, foundries, food processing, and composites. Through ongoing research and development, we are continually enhancing our systems and filter media to provide innovation filtration solutions to our clients.

Torit Products offers the most complete range of industrial dust collection equipment on the market, including cartridge, baghouse, and mechanical collectors. Each of these has a place in modern air filtering systems. By matching the requirements of a specific application with the inherent characteristics of the dust collector, Torit can provide a solution for any industrial dust collection need.

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