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Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

It takes only seconds to expose your employees to vehicle exhaust fumes. Exhaust fumes are harmful. They need to be removed at the source to prevent your employees from being affected.

Air Cleaning Technologies’ engineered systems provide virtually 100% source capture elimination of toxic gases and particulate as recommended by NIOSH, NFPA and International Mechanical Code.

Fleet Maintenance Engineered Central Exhaust Systems Which Include:

  • Manual and Motorized Hose Reels
  • Straight Rail Systems
  • Looped Rail Systems
  • Swing Arm Extractors
  • Simple Dropper Systems
  • System Accessories such as Stack Adapters, Y Assemblies, Pneumatic Grabbers and Nozzles

Emergency Fire and EMS Services Engineered Central Exhaust Systems Which Include:

  • Automatic Startup & Automatic Disconnect
  • Positive Seal Tailpipe Adapter
  • Controlled Vehicle Release
  • UL Listed Operating System
  • Straight Rail Assemblies for Undercarriage Tailpipes & Drive Through Operation
  • Sliding Balancer Track Assemblies for Undercarriage Tailpipes & Back-in Operation
  • Vertical Stack Assemblies for Vertical Stacks for Drive Through or Back-in Operation