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Torit® Products offers the most complete range of smoke and fume filtration equipment on the market. If flexibility or portability is important to your operation, Torit Trunkline™ collectors are your best choice.  
Easy-Trunk® Fume Collector
The Donaldson® Torit® Easy-Trunk is a portable weld fume collector with an 8-foot Flex-Trunk Fume Arm. The Easy-Trunk offers a compact size, high filtration efficiency, plug and go operation, and built-in filter cleaning for intermittent-duty to light production applications. The Donaldson® Torit® Weld Bench is designed specifically for welding operations. The bench’s high capture velocity assures fume capture and eliminates the need for extraction arms.

Filter Cartridges
Torit offers more specific filter models for more choices of particles than any other manufacturer. We custom design our media and then manufacture it to our strict standards. Each genuine Torit-Built® filter is engineered to solve specific collection problems and offer maximum performance, efficiency and filter life.
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